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  • At the elementary level focus should be on the development of fundamental locomotor, nonlocomotor, and manipulative skills; movement framework; fundamental motor patterns.

    This course is designed to teach all learners the skills necessary to be successful in a variety of activities; expose students to a variety of different and unique activities; teach the components of fitness, health-related concepts; practice proper fitness techniques; and much more.

    This course is all-encompassing.

    *Students should be participating in a minimum of 150 minutes per week of structured Kinesiology/LAFS and activity time.

  • The focus is on applications of fundamental movements; adventure activities; life-time fitness; leisure-oriented activities; refining, combining, and applying a variety of sport-related, and life-time skills; develop fitness components; set goals; assess personal fitness levels.

    *Students should spend 255 minutes week of structured Kinesiology/Physical Focus and activity time.

    This course or program spends considerably more class time being either physically active or engaged in active learning.

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